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Drishti Bhandari - Jewelry Artist

“I recognize, decontextualize, reconstruct.”


My work tends to focus on the environment, the evolution of man and his surroundings. I like to recapture what once belonged to man and nature. Some of my subjects are visually appealing and some are unconventional. It often tells a story and demonstrates how life extends beyond its own subjective limits.

Having a contemporary approach, I still try to stay true to my roots. By focusing on techniques and materials, I try to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, like to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical and believes in the idea of function following form in a work.

What I do when I'm not creating art - 

When I'm free, I may be baking or watching a new Rom-com movie, or playing board games. Some of my favorite board games are Catan, Ticket to ride and Monopoly. I like experimenting with food and usually host game nights with home-cooked Indian food. 




In conversation with John Aasp, Gallery Director, RIT

An artist interview series

Want to know what else I do except designing jewelry?

Here you go! 

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